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Work 365 Report Scheduler add-on enables easy scheduling of CRM data which is delivered automatically via email. It works from within CRM and requires no separate server.

Using Report Scheduler Add-on, any CRM user can schedule out-of-box System Views as well as User-created Personal Views and have them delivered regularly in their mailboxes on any scheduled day and time.


  • Interface to set-up recurring and automated email of CRM data on a periodic basis
  • Allows scheduling of daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly recurrence pattern
  • Event Reminder (Birthday \ Anniversary \ Contract expiry \ Opportunity close date approaching, etc.)
  • Allows grouping, sorting & totaling of records
  • Scheduled data back-up in the form of CSV or TXT files
  • Users can easily receive CRM data in few clicks without any IT support
  • Native installation (no dependency on separate Report Server)
  • Mobile Friendly (option to have the data sent in the body of the email)
  • Direct navigation to CRM data from email via a click link
  • Handles scheduling across multiple time-zones
  • Takes care of all visibility rules set in Microsoft CRM
  • Can send the data even to non-CRM users email address
  • Secured Distribution allows blocking of any email addresses and any domain from receiving your scheduled reports.
  • Notes special report: report which will organize / group the notes by each of the entities along with the grouped fields
  • Customizable email template allows adding of corporate logos, color, typefaces, signatures and other brand related images.
  • Multi-User Scheduling of single reportĀ