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Upgrading to a higher version of the add-on - RS


  • There is no direct upgrade path to version 9 of report scheduler add-on. The earlier version needs to be uninstalled. Please note that on deletion of existing solution, the configuration settings will be lost.
  • Please follow the below steps to backup and restore the old scheduled records:
  • Step 1: Open Advanced Find page -This can be opened by selecting any entity record and clicking on “Advanced Find” from top navigation.
  • Step 2: Select entity “RS Global Settings 2“ from drop-down.             
  • Click “Edit Columns” and then Add all columns. (or select View: RS Global Settings 2 – backup)
  • Click “! Results” button
  • Click “Export” and save the excel file (Do not select “Make this data available for re-import”)
  • Open the excel file and save as file type “XML Spreadsheet 2003 (.xml)”
  • Step 3: Please follow steps as above and Export “RS Global Settings 1”.
  • Step 4: Please follow steps as above and Export “RS Email Template” entity (This step can be ignored if no custom email templates have been created for report scheduler add-on)
  • Step 5: Please follow steps as above and Export “RS Scheduled Records”.
  • Step 6: Uninstall the existing report scheduler solution file and install the newer solution.
  • Step 7: Assign Work 365 RS security role to all users who need report scheduling functionality
  • Step 8: Import the excel files generated in steps 2-4
  • Browse to Settings > Data Management > Import
  • Click “Import Data” and select the excel file (Please ignore any Unmapped field notification and continue importing the file)
  • Please import files in below sequence:

    Table Names


    RS Global Setting 2


    RS Global Setting 1


    RS Email Templates


    RS Scheduled Records


    Step 8: Reactivating the report scheduler work-flow on existing scheduled records.
    Kindly browse to Settings
    > RS Scheduled Records: select all records and click de-activate and then click activate again. This will re-trigger the background process for all scheduled records.

    Please email [email protected] for any queries.