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    Work 365 FAQ

    Q) Can I use Work 365 to manage non-Microsoft services?
    A) Work 365 provides a way to manage subscriptions and recurring services for your customers. You can configure any type of Subscription service by configuring different providers and manufacturers.
    Q) Does Work 365 Support Product Bundles?
    A) Work 365 supports Product bundles using both the product catalog from CRM or through the subscription entity.
    Q) What kind of support do you provide?
    A)  Our support options are listed in your online services agreement. Review the options. You can reach us via 
    Phone: +1-571-429-5171
    Email: [email protected]
    Chat- just find us online and have a chat!
    Q) Can I use Work 365 to setup Service based Subscriptions for my own services?
    A)  Work 365 supports Usage, License and Service based Subscriptions.
    Q) Can I send a reminder of all open/unpaid invoices to Account Managers?
    A)  Because Work 365 is built on Dynamics CRM and the invoices are generated in Dynamics CRM- any sort of reminder or workflow can be created for notifications through standard Dynamics 365 workflow configuration.
    Q) How does Work 365 help with managing auto renewals??
    A)  Auto-renewals can be managed using the service date fields on Work 365 Billing Contracts
    Q) What are the billing frequencies supported by Work 365 ?
    A)  Work 365 supports all the common billing frequencies used by Cloud Solution Providers like monthly, quarterly and annual billing.
    Q) Does Work 365 pro-rate invoices?
    A)  Yes mid-term changes for license quantities can be prorated!
    Q) We provide discounts to customers who pay in advance- how is this supported?
    A) Billing Contracts in Work 365 provide a flexible way to invoice customers including discounts at the subscrition and overall invoice level.
    Q) Does Work 365 Suppot Automatic Provisioning?
    A) Currently Work 365 supports automatic provisioning for Direct CSP partners. We are working with distributors to enable automatic provisioning for indirect partners.
    Q) We have multiple Partner Centers accounts, does Work 365 Support multiple Partner center accounts?
    A)  Work 365 supports unlimited number of providers. A partner center can be configured as a provider and with this feature Subscriptions can be provisioned through any partner center that the subscription is associated with it.
    Q) Although we are direct 1-tier CSP, I buy my services from multiple Distributors and sometimes directly from Microsoft. Does Work 365 support this scenario?
    A)  Yes, most partners want the flexibility to buy licenses from multiple sources and this scenario is supported through the provider feature.
    Q) Can we add an additional subscriptions in the middle of term?
    A)  Yes subscriptions can be added at anytime. The invoicing process automatically aligns the billing with the remaining term on the Billing Contract
    Q) How can Work 365 help me with reconciliation?
    A)  Subscription changes are logged real time and recorded in the system. Reconciliation is a feature of Work 365
    Q) For my Annual Invoices does Work 365 provide Deferred Revenue reports?
    A)  Yes Work 365 can produce Deferred Revenue reports for Annual Billing Contracts
    Q) Can my customers request licenses directly through Self-Service site?
    A)  Because Work 365 is built on Dynamics 365, the CRM portals and the Work 365 e-commerce portal can be used for self-service of subscriptions and service ticket management


    Q) We are in-drect partner, will this solution be useful for us?

    CSPs face many challenges and opportunities. Automatic provisioning of licenses is a software capability that has been enabled for the partner center, however the reality is that provisioning is the least time consuming process that affects profitability. The most important aspects of running a cloud solution business is 1) being able to accurately track your subscriptioins, 2) Reconcile and report on the various providers 3) generate billing and invoicing accurately every single period.

    No partner will ever only resell Microsoft products and there is likely going to be some subscriptions that will have to be provisioned manually.